Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Seagull's Dilemma

As I was saying philosophers worry when they’re not being suspicious. One widespread botheration is ‘can I lend this person my ears, is his intellectual credit rating sufficiently high to warrant this? Will they build nests of convoluted conspiracy therein? Can they ever make fitting interlocutors?

It’s the seagull’s dilemma: at a pop festival nobody notices, downtown the buildings get in the way. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull says – Fly free and let your guano land where it may.

Asif Khan the Incondite comments:
At the festival all are afire with strange excitements and lack attention. The buildings are establishments with adherents. Anyone emerging from one in a newly cleaned and pressed suit is purged by ascetic practice and is ready for the fertilizing drop. Such........(Here the manuscript breaks off)

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