Saturday, 26 March 2011

Franz I gotta plan

Kalfka Papers: Note to a Zionist.

You forgot to mention that Kafka's instructions were that his papers be destroyed. In that case it is clear that the title to them is defective. As you know under the Ottoman law that applied at the time when Kafka first formed his notion of Zion all defective title reverts to the state. The Israeli Gov. to be fair to them have been punctilious in this regard and therefore they have the duty of care.

The other thing is that the old lady with the disputed title was for selling them off by the pound weight.

Any old irony:

- Such fine paper, written on both sides even. You don't get work like this anymore.

- The blots and bad spelling yet. In '67 I could get you a good price now it's on my hands forever. What can I do, it's the world we live in.