Monday, 26 February 2018

Coincidence in Dickens

But aren’t you bothered by the coincidences in Dickens?

No. I view them as karmic acceleration. Karma - Janma (karma - incarnation) is the saying. You get the life that you have generated with its implications explicated. Again and again all the dramatis personae meet, in different forms of course, the poisoner becomes the the poisonee, now we pursue now we are harried. That is perhaps an overly symmetrical account. The world of a Dickens novel is a closed completed one without a sequel to its arrangements so the tensions created by encounters must be brought to a final stillness by repeated meetings. In extra novel life we repeat our patterns, the cathexis finding different objects for essentially the same energy. How will the older Copperfield deal with the same Miss Murdstone, his Mother and so on? Dickens does this by giving you Miss Murdstone again and a revenant mother.

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