Thursday, 1 February 2018

Evolution on Abortion

Evolution on the subject of abortion has been the standard cliché offered by Irish politicians. But what is the process by which this evolution is achieved? May I suggest saltation or rather somersaultation with a body twist that leaves you volte face to where you were previously. Micheal Martin leader of a party in opposition now supports a 12 week abortion on demand regime where eight months ago he was not prepared to allow for abortion in the case of an incestuous pregnancy. Fickle Micil.

Leo Veradkar (Taoiseach/P.M.) who claimed to be essentially pro-life before he got elected, agonised until the talking drums of focus groups or what passes for a conscience spoke. Now he will campaign for on demand in the first 12 weeks. He wants to make it “safe, legal and rare” a phrase shamelessly straight out of the Clinton dressing up box.

Voting in the referendum to repeal the 8th.Amemdment (protection of life of the unborn) will take place in May. If repeal happens will the Members of parliament that now are in favor of retention be saying ‘the people have spoken, who am I to oppose them’? Whatever happens the struggle will go on. I am not looking forward to more marches and more pickets.

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