Friday, 23 February 2018

Original Maya?

What else besides the cool shawl with om all over it and some Benares brasswork for his mum did Augustine bring back from India? Some would say that the doctrine of Original Sin and the doctrine of Maya have analogical features. I disagree with that: original sin is the result of an act by Adam and Maya is a condition which is fortified by the fact of perception. (These strokes are made by a distemper brush) Yes, well, but isn’t the human condition the result of original sin and not due to any particular act of any descendant of Adam and Eve. Add that this condition is inescapable and another salient difference emerges. Maya is also a condition but it can be surpassed - knowledge casts out ignorance.

The delivery of the doctrine of original sin through the form of a myth (non-pejorative sense) is in contrast to the highly metaphysical casting of Maya. It is in the dealing with both those conditions by the Christian and Hindu that the common ‘anti-Pelagianism’ emerges.

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