Saturday, 17 September 2022

Oh, Oh Antonio Gramsci


John Waters talking to James Collins

A masterly summary by John Waters of how Marxism evolved from being about class war and economics into Cultural Marxism which focused on the infiltration of institutions such as the Press and the University to promulgate their doctrines and the switch away from the proles to the other ‘oppressed’ classes such as blacks, gays, women etc and the general demonization of the white male patriarchy etc, family, etc.  The coining of the ‘long march through the institutions’ is ascribed to Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Marxist, and it was taken up by Rudi Dutschke a 68‘r as a slogan.  Wikipedia tells me that he was a guest of Conor Cruise O’Brian in Ireland and considered for a while staying here.  The Cruiser was our first public intellectual and our second Fintan O’Toole wrote his M.A. thesis on Antonio Gramsci.  Clearly a great devotee.  In a dismal screed against Enoch Burke he compared him to Genghis Khan.  The reason Finto can’t analyse the transgender thing too closely is because certain of the feminist faithful are T.E.R.F.'s and want to save the 100 yard dash for born women athletes not to mention changing rooms etc.  We must never forget that in post modernism there are no contradictions because there is no definitive truth.  To that end I am transitioning to His Excellency and my autonym is ‘whatever’ (you’re having yourself).   sláinte an bhradáin,  gob fluich ‘is bas in Eireann should it survive.

(health of the salmon, wet gob, and death in Ireland)

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