Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Magi Unscripted

Since first encountering Dr. Gavin Ashenden in relation to Brephos the evangelical pro-life movement in Britain I have also been looking at a youtube show called Anglican Unscripted. On that, in a split screen format, he talks, in perfectly balanced whole sentences, with two Anglican ministers George Conger in Florida and Kevin Kallsen in Connecticut. Now those three men who have been adults for a while and suffer from an irreversible beige pigmentation, all stout fellows and thick in the chest, would you might suspect present slow moving targets. Hah! Over five theological feet they are sprightly as any young wight with vorpel blade dismissing the Spirit of the Age, this “filthy modern tide”. We are in agreement about that and of course when one listens to those three wise men long enough it will be inevitable that one is personally challenged.

In the last show:magi
which Ashenden called ‘Magi Unscripted’ it was remarked that the Magi came to Christ from Zoroastrianism. It was stated that no other religion has the Father and you could only get to the Father through Christ. Buddhism and Islam were also mentioned as having no Father. Hinduism the Grand-Father religion which would claim that it has all kinds of relations, Father, Mother and Auntiji wasn’t mentioned. I am not going to get into a mystical rap of ‘all is one in the oneness of the one’ because my particular spiritual path should not be generalised and has more twists than the average soap.

What we would agree on is that the Spirit of the Age is dispiritingly foul and can only be combatted by sadhana or spiritual practice. Broadcasting in meditation from our ‘caves’ is a powerful force counteracting the demonic.

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