Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Kotsko, Activate the Shield: Aye, Aye Sir.

Adam Kotsko deplores the interference of AIPAC in American politics which I heartily agree with.
like other nations
He also repudiates the anti-Semitism slur which accompanies any criticism of Israel. And then he brings in George Soros who is a famous open and proud meddler and claims that tropes, creepy ones, money bags manipulator kinds, are anti-Semitic. Well he spreads his money about in the promotion of aims that Kotsko would approve of. Activate the shield.

In Ireland the Standards in Public Office (SIPO) forced the Abortion Rights Campaign to return $24,999 to the Open Society Foundation. An order to another abortion campaigner Amnesty International to return $166,000 was not complied with because they did not agree with the law about interference in internal affairs through massive donations. Eventually they were let keep the money. Winning confers rectitude. Now what will they do. Return to prisoners of conscience and tortured dissidents - same old, same old.


john doyle said...

It's been years since last I looked in at An und für sich. There used to be long comment threads appended to each post; not anymore. Blogs that once functioned as public forums have either fallen into ruin or morphed into publishing platforms or withdrawn into private musings.

ombhurbhuva said...

I was never that busy. All the action has moved to facebook and twitte which I'm not on. The academic blogs are kept up for reasons of public intellectual status. I like to scribble and inflict my views . The publishing business requires the special genius of the idiot savant. There is a girl in Texas (?) making excellent money writing up a continuing story on the basis of email suggestions that come in to her. The antennae of the race EzPound called poets.