Thursday, 4 June 2015

Unleashing the Rolling Thunder of the Liberal Agenda (whilst ironing your underwear).

John Fletcher's leisurely development of his ideas on philpercs.commonstrous
shows up the hidden assumptions that emanate from a political culture that is based on the barely democratic majoritarian (first past the post) electoral system. If in the British or American system you won by a majority of 62% to 38% as in the Irish same sex marriage referendum you would now be considering the possibility of unleashing the rolling thunder of the liberal agenda. Some enthusiasts at CenCom ie. The Irish Times, proposed just that. Let's tackle the 8th.Amendment (abortion ban) was the rallying cry. However there is a difference between a measure sold as a cost free feel good vote for Stephen Fry and famous nice people and abortion. Not feel good. No. Wise heads realise that 38% in a proportional representation system is a lot of orphans looking for a good home. Why they might pull in a few final seats in 5 seater constituencies. It is also recognised that a mere 13% shift could have yielded a different result even with all the media, all the political parties, academics, the great and the good, and the famous nice people on the same side. Fianna Fail cute hoors and the prudent burghers of Fine Gael were busy ironing their underwear for the campaign.

John Fletcher feels that the elders of the Church of Reason have spoken and there's an end to't. I myself have never felt that belief in liberal democracy was monstrous or irrational. I am firmly committed to that position and nothing that John can say will sway me from it.

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