Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Exploding Orchids

Did I read it or am I making it up? Are there such things as exploding orchids or sentences and book titles which looked at a certain way give a different reading, one antithetical to the probably meant. Today I saw in the book shop The Subjugation of Women by John Stuart Mill. For a moment I wondered if there were any useful tips in it. Probably not. If his companion Harriet Taylor had written a book called The Subjugation of Men now that would be a manual like the one written along the lines of dog training which was a hit a few years ago.

A few days ago John Fletcher entitled a blog post:
On Opposing Monstrous or Irrational Beliefs in Liberal Democracy in
I rejected the idea that belief in Liberal Democracy was monstrous or irrational. Fletcher though is working up to declaring war on those resistant to the full spectrum liberal program. What that war would entail I await with interest to find out. I have a certain sinking feeling that the norms of Liberal Democracy will be set aside for the greater good.

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