Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Christina's Noble Suffering

I think the argument from evil needs to be balanced by an argument from good. Christina Noble though horribly abused by a care system run by a religious order turned her pain into the energy behind her goal of rescuing abused and abandoned children in Vietnam and elsewhere. The film last night on RTE was about this. She was aged 10 when her mother died and she and her 2 sisters and a brother were all dispatched to separate orphanages. Her brother Sean ended up in the infamous Letterfrack reformatory. At a certain point he discovered that his sister Christina was in a school in Clifden which is nearby. He managed to get there and knocked to enquire about her only to be told that she had died the previous year.

In moments of low comedy which are inseparable from Irish productions Christina was shown ranting outside The National Centre for Excellence in Furniture Design and Technology. which the defunct reformatory at Letterfrack has been for 20 years at least. Such was the vile feng shui of the place that it will always be what it was for her. There was also an meeting with a Joycean revenant The Citizen in a public house in Dublin. Plus ca change yiz ‘ll geh.

The reality show reunion of the family in Austin Texas was awkward. Some things are too real for reality shows. They had not met as a unit for 50 years.

RTE player : In a House that Ceased to Be.house

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