Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Tomatoes of Wrath

After the settlers would be evicted from Gaza people thought that the greenhouses could be turned over to the Palestinian incomers. They weren’t going to be given away, business is business after all, so the effort was made to buy them. Those that weren’t sold were burned by their owners and the others were left for use. The first thing Hamas did on taking over the Gaza strip was to destroy all of them. Wise people shook their heads sadly saying ‘there, savages, self-destructive lunatics’ and so on and so forth’. So subsidised greenhouses built on grabbed land by their oppressors and sold to further enrich their oppressors should have been gratefully received by the Palestinians. How often does food have to be pissed on before it becomes inedible?

So the struggle goes on and the name of it is - we won’t get into those trucks, not even with two suitcases. You will have to kill us right here on the street.

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