Saturday, 26 July 2014

Philosophy V Science: Positively Final Rematch

Christian Coseru is worried that Philosophy is not putting its hand up enough with an answer in the scientific sense. whither Indian Philosophy It’s at the back of the class in a reverie conjuring strange shapes out of the motes of chalk dust. To me that seems, no, actually is, a misapprehension. Suppose an astronomer said ‘I’m a Copernican really or there’s something to be said for epicycles’ people would say ‘that’s old Brian having a laugh’. On the other hand if a philosopher were to claim ‘I’m a Platonist’ (like Michael Jubien) or Bradley wasn’t all wrong you know, that would be normal. Philosophical theories do not get exploded by new data. Granted the corners may be knocked off but the judicious application of filler and careful sanding will leave them as good as new. Panpsychism and dualism are back and have respectable proponents. The late Professor Sprigge offered A Vindication of Absolute Idealism.

Of Science you could say ‘eppur si muove’. Philosophy remains in the kingdom of the undead.

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