Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Israeli Ear Defence

The Iron Dome system works and that’s a good thing. More people are being killed by kicks from camels than by Hamas rockets. The disproportion of being actually killed and being annoyed by sirens could be avoided by the issuing of ear defenders to all Israelis. If they were wireless adapted then soothing messages could be transmitted all the way to the underground shelters.

- 'You are the front line of defence against a vast conspiracy which is well funded. They hate modernity and want to undermine civilisation as we know it. Their insidious tendrils of power reach everywhere, made efficacious by unlimited oil money. They must be eliminated. '

Hamas on the other hand could devise messages with their rockets in the manner of fireworks that would display as they were exploded in the sky. Conciliatory greetings like ‘mazel tov’ or ‘shabat shalom’ might be effective.

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