Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Mary McAleese Moral Miles Award

Tell-truths in the service of falsehood we find everywhere, of various names and various occupations, from the elderly young women that discuss the love affairs of their friends and acquaintances at the village tea-tables, to the anonymous calumniators of literary merit in reviews, and the more daring malignants who dole out discontent, innovation, and panic, in political journals: and a most pernicious race of liars they are ! 
(from The Friend - Essay VI. Vol1 by S.T. Coleridge)

Mary McAleese (ex-president of Ireland) is essentially a media person who likes being the story herself. She worked in RTE for years. Leadership roles come naturally to her which makes her position as a professional Catholic frustrating. At the very least she should be a Bishop. Her mission of the moment is changing the Church’s mind on homosexuality, the active sort. Her son is homosexual and like the mother watching the passing out parade said ‘everyone is out of step except my Johnny’. That’s understandable and it got her barred from the Vatican - not the name of a pub. Why though did she vote Yes in the abortion referendum; ‘with a heart and a half’? It was the Savita case, a lie that is impervious to evidence. If it was a clear case of the Eight having a ‘chilling effect’ then why were nine doctors disciplined?

I’m living near Galway and I was on a what’s app chat of a No canvas crew. They met two Indian nurses, presumably citizens, who work in the hospital where Savita died. They were going to vote No. Maybe they know more than the media about the mismanagement of Savita’s sepsis: Maybe Katie Holland of the Irish Times who put out the Savita story originally is not a reliable witness? She herself has had two abortions one of which she regrets.

I think McAleese gets the most moral miles award. ( from the journey metaphor that pols used to describe how they had evolved from a pro-life position) You can see her pro-life videos from 1983 on youtube. Will that make any difference to her credibility or will the liberal media nurture her as a useful idiot until she is no longer handy? Why am I asking so many rhetorical questions?

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