Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ramana Maharshi's Pain

“What I said was that the jnAni is not affected by joys and sorrows. So it is the same as what you are saying. The body of the jnAni is also made up of the same chemicals as ours and so it is also subject to the same ills, but the jnAni has no identification with the body and so he does not feel anything. Ramana had sarcoma and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa had cancer of the throat, but they did not suffer like ordinary human beings.”

This is the statement of a man who is steeped in Advaitic Vedanta and who probably knows Sanskrit better than most professors of it. His father was a renowned pandit if I remember correctly. That is in any case irrelevant as what is presented here is clearly incorrect and demonstrably so. Here is the testimony of Ramana Maharshi’s medical attendant.
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Not identifying with the body/mind complex is not the same as not feeling. Pure Consciousness which the realised sage regards as his self or his reality pervades that complex which would be inert if that were not the case. All feeling is evoked by that pervasion. Ramana himself spoke of the chit jada granthi or the knot between the conscious and the inert. Now the question is: Did Ramana feel the pain as you or I would? I would say that he did while he was suffering but he did not dread it. He was patient in the full sense.

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