Monday, 16 June 2014

Did So

I've added a new blog to the roll, philosophy metablog,did too 'where nobody knows your name and not everybody 's glad you came'. The good thing is that free from the careerism inherent in professional blogs and the fear of the springy branch there is crisp witty interchange and pleasant foolery. One person has the catch phrase, “you're gyrating” which I take to mean that you are squirming on a hook and applying the nuclear option of a victim narrative. On the other hand there may be a visiting inquisitor from FP calling 'you're a woman and gyrating again'.

Glaucon the elder brother of Plato is the unmoderator and in the brawl between Leiter and Vallicella that has introduced the silly season reveals that he has pulled the links to B.V.'s characterisation of 'Ladderman' Leiter, the pecking order prof on account of a turn that Leiter did him back in the day. I have often said that a good turn unreciprocated in a timely fashion may go rancid and that an exploded fix is often worse than the original mess.

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