Saturday, 28 June 2014

Heart Meditation

Your work with what you are given. The body and the organs of sense carry away your attention to the external world. The idea in yogic or chakra meditation is to activate the various centres of consciousness in the body or to make that which draws us away into a means. I am only going to speak of this in very general terms not being any sort of a guru except the tin-pot one. I’ll admit to being plated with what the sellers of lotas (pots) call german silver. The chakras that are used for meditation are generally the heart (anhata) and the brow (ajna). Others have spoken of the Hridaya (heart) which is on the right side of the body and represents the ultimate portal of the life force. Ramana Maharshi’s experience of it has been, I think, the stimulus for its adoption by seekers.

I have been saying all along that the Heart Centre is on the right side, even when learned men differed from me. I speak from experience. I knew it even in my home during my self-absorption. Again during the incident recorded in Self-Realization, I had a very clear vision and experience. All of a sudden a light came from one side erasing the world-vision. I felt that the heart on the left had stopped and the body became blue and inert. Vasudeva Sastri embraced the body and wept over my death, but I could not speak. All the time I was feeling that the Heart Centre on the right was working as well as ever. This state lasted fifteen or twenty minutes. Then suddenly something shot out from the right to the left like a rocket bursting into the sky. The blood resumed circulation and the normal condition of the body was restored.

Certain photographs have the power of icons. That photo of Ramana is well known.

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