Thursday, 27 February 2014

Peers and Profanum Vulgus

One feels that this ‘epistemic peer’ discussion could rumble on because it has that self-stoking element. There is also school yard resonance to the ‘I’m not talking to you cos’ you’re not my peer’ pose. The Two Ronnies sketch on class is relevant:
my place

It runs in both directions on the religion front. You will get the sniffy ones saying; ‘I can’t pay any attention to Dawkins, he’s much too ignorant’, which overlooks the fact that he may be right for reasons that those he should be looking up to do not find very interesting. He may be wrong for those pathetic simplisms also and if he is why not condescend. Sam Harris may only deal with the commoners religious faith in his rebuttals but if it makes them raise their game that is a good thing. That may not entail their finding reasons for their faith that Harris regards as reasons but challenge can deepen commitment.

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