Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Epistemic Peers and Commoners

Siris drew my attention
peer group
to a dialogue between Gary Gutting and Louise Antony on the Stone the N.Y. Times philosophy corner.
His attention was drawn to the remarks on epistemic peers which are interesting as was his previous post on the subject. The topic of diversity of religions came up also and the usual cliché of its casting doubt on them all. By coincidence last week I appended the following to a post:

By the bye it occurred to me today that while the variety of religious creeds is for the atheist an indication that none of them are right, the variety of philosophical systems which are counter to each other does not likewise imply the uselessness of philosophising.

By another happenstance there were a few pageviews today of a post from last year on the topic of ishta devata

ishta devata

Antony’s observations on the contraception mandate seemed to this epistemic commoner shallow.

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