Saturday, 9 June 2012

Homo Non Habilis: The Long Handled Shovel

Well yes there’s a problem. None of the people who demonstrate the use of the long handled spade or shovel on you tube are doing it correctly. The man digging in the Muybridge action photo puts me in mind of the advice of the Clareman that I worked with in London putting screws into asbestos ceiling panel battens in a factory at night. This was before the advent of Pozidrive and speed control on drills. We drove them in with a hammer. We drilled pilot holes of course. The old craftsmen!
- Use your head and not your lad: He’d say frequently.
Good practice for the overhead backstroke with the hammer.

I'd put out a video if I had the camera to do it but then on the other hand as the Frenchman who refused to wear shorts said:
- There is already too much suffering in the world.

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