Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bloomsday/Father's Day

Around the Hibernian metropolis scorchers in straw hats are strolling. Later in the day that sentence will defeat them. And tomorrow is Father's day. Let us have by all means O Mine Papa sung by Eddy Fisher.

- There's the box, help yourself.

Bloom and Rudy, Bloom and Stephen, Bloom and his father Rudolf Virag, Stephen and Simon. One piece of worldly wisdom for you today, old son, if she is fond of her father and speaks well of him you will be safe enough. If not, prepare to be scarified. That letter from Milly in Mullingar so affectionate and reaching through him to Bannon who sings the Blazes Boylan song. Mother Molly sings that song too. Major Tweedy reared her on Gibraltar but what was Bloom doing there. Only old Rudolf Virag late of Hungary fares poorly having poisoned himself but he too will be remembered on his anniversary.

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