Monday, 29 June 2020

Lady Limitation

May I propose that a monument be erected to an allegorical figure, Lady Limitation. This statue of Limitation should represent an elegant, opulantly dressed woman with just a suggestion, discreet as may be contrived, of ragged underwear, such as a torn hem, or a strap astray. Let her take her place on the plinth of history with Lady Liberty, Lady Justice and Lady Erin. The latter marks the centenary of 1798 in Sligo and as an allegory is less offensive to the strongly Unionist sentiment of that 'fine town, y'know what I mean'. This fudge is typical of the Irish approach to agreement on contentious issues. Like the Good Friday Agreement everyone takes their own interpretation out of it. Maybe there should be a Lady Agreement? But how to represent her? With two heads like a Hindu goddess.

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