Wednesday, 11 January 2017

F.X. Clooney on Advaita Vedanta (

It would have been nice if Jonardon Ganeri had allowed F.X. Clooney simply to give his account of what Advaita Vedanta was rather than continuing to try attach the label 'theology' to it.
fx.x Clooney
That interlocutor format has its limitations particularly when such an articulate speaker as FX is in a 3 legged race and not allowed to get into his own stride. Despite being hampered he gave a good account of a venerable tradition that asks large questions and assumes that inquiry leads to commitment. Consider the modern Vedantin Ramana Maharshi and his method of atma vichara driven by the one-pointed inquiry into the nature of the Self - Who Am I. Any particular theological system is left behind in this practice and even Zen folk have taken it up. This is beyond ritual and ashta devata (personal form of divinity) but not antithetical to them.

What FX makes of that method of vedanta known as adhiropa apavada was not specifically addressed by him though he mentioned the ultimate transcendence of form and ritual once their propaduetic function was surpassed by the seeker.

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