Sunday, 5 June 2016

Diversity in Philosophy

This opininator article inspired a good deal of discussion:
diversity You can’t be agin diversity, no certainly not. The Nousian commentary was lively. daily nous
Amy Olberding’s contribution was witty.

I can recall no sentence beginning with the phrase -'even with the best will in the world’.

As an outsider, a general reader in the Six Darshanas hindu philsophy and Buddhism but staying mostly within the confines of Advaita, my initial reaction was that here was the Springtime gathering of nesting material. I was shocked to put it mildly. This sort of thing must stop.

Looking at many of the most prominent thinkers in the deeper end of the pool I paddle in it is evident that their approach is analytic. They value in Philosophy, clarity, logic, conceptual analysis etc. It's the analytic/subcontinental divide if you will. The cast of their minds is the Western dyadic one and whatever that is, it’s not diversity.

Butterfly, wherever you go you’re always there.

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