Friday, 3 June 2016

God's Hiddenness

My spell checker wants to change the hiddenness of God to the hideousness of God which is a succinct expression of the argument whose first cousin on the mother’s side is the argument from evil. If the party giver is so great why are so many left outside?

It’s no good talking about a 'humble and contrite heart’ or the 'knee of understanding’ to those nay sayers. An idea that I toy with is that the metaphysical intuition of necessity as underpinning contingency is a slight flicker of the lace curtain. In the Gita chapter 3:22, 23 Krishna alludes to this:

Arjuna, there is nothing in the three worlds for Me to do, nor is there anything worth attaining unattained by Me; yet I continue to work.
Should I not engage in action, unwearied at any time, great harm will come to the world; for Arjuna, men follow my path in all matters.

That bare intuition is not a R.S.V.P. You have to want to get in to get that invitation. A question asked by spiritual teachers is - What do you want? What does your life say that you want? That antique expression, cop yourself on, should be revived.

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