Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Divine Hiddenness

I have been coming across the theme of divine hiddenness recently chiefly as an accusation against the goodness of God. My reaction in summary is ‘great, stay there, but what keeps you going?’. The sutra from the Tait.Up. that I quoted in the previous post
has a hint of the spiritual adventure of the seeker who receives an intimation of the unity of being. Without that renewal life loses its savour. The unbeliever also needs that spark even if he does not admit its source as a revelation of the unity of being. In the monistic view of the Upanishad this nature must break out no matter what your intellectual position is but the focus of the practice of the aspirant can lead to a full realisation of the inscrutable, unmanifest Absolute.


Blake Giunta said...

This summarizes how analytic philosophers more commonly deal with the problem:

ombhurbhuva said...

That's an excellent resource.