Saturday, 16 January 2016

Dining in Kailas

OK so, how do you pass the ghee to Siva? Via Agni. By the fractionalising fire the rare virtue of the product of the cow is transmitted. In Ireland on May Day the securing of the milk of the cow ensures you its ‘good’ for the year. Thus it was that my uncle hearing a noise in the byre went to see and found his neighbour milking the cow to leave only the gross material aspect as depleted nourishment.

In the Agnihotra or Fire Ceremony participating in the sacrifice allows you to become for the moment divine by transmuting the person as well as the offering. The manual for the proper conducting of a sacrifice is called a Brahmana because the invigilating priest is known as the brahman. Everything must be done correctly or efficacy is lost. The celebrants attain a temporary apotheosis and prayer that comes from a humble attitude is not appropriate. The Satapatha Brahmana states:

Twofold, verily, is this, there is no third, viz. truth and untruth. And verily the gods are the truth, and man is the untruth. Therefore in saying (Va^. S. I, 5 b), 'I now enter from untruth into truth,' he passes from the men to the gods ^
5. Let him then only speak what is true; for this vow indeed the gods do keep, that they speak the truth ; and for this reason they are glorious : glorious therefore is he who, knowing this, speaks the truth.

After the completion (of the sacrifice) he divests himself (of the vow), with the text (Va^. S. II, 28 b): ' Now I am he who I really am.' For, in entering upon the vow, he becomes, as it were, non-human; and as it would not be becoming for him to say, ' I enter from truth into untruth ;' and as, in fact, he now again becomes man, let him therefore divest himself (of the vow), with the text: ' Now I am he who I really am.

The phrase ‘I enter from untruth into truth’ is the prayer from the Brhad.Up. known as the Pavamana mantra:

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