Thursday, 21 May 2015

Yes you can.

It’s very nice, beautiful colours, that red and gold. There are aerodynamic fins that give you uplift and the sculptured folds channel the wind for directional capacity. That ruff seems excessive, a little bit of ‘nice’, a sort of harmless vulgarity that humanises and links this sartorial breakthrough with the past in a modest way. This will work, I’m sure of it, and we are at a good height to achieve full operational power. Off you go.

As he launched himself, a brave lonely hero I remembered that heroes are always alone at the moment when they face their greatest trial. Through the mist and fog which surround this building he plunged. I looked into the box which held the flying suit and only then did I see the disclaimer: this garment will not enable you to fly (from any height).


elisa freschi said...

any clue for your readers?

ombhurbhuva said...

Hi Elisa,
It’s a reflection on the recent fantasy politics that has overwhelmed this country in which mass emotion could not accept that there was a reasoned sane objection to their promotion of same sex marriage and the gender neutral family. The words homophobe and bigot were scattered like confetti. Tomorrow it will be decided in a referendum.