Thursday, 19 March 2015

Homo Habilis: Improved Buck Saw

What’s improved about that bucksaw? I added a handle to the frame which allows the saw to be presented to the wood at a flat angle instead of the steep one which is inevitable if you grasp the frame. Due to the aggressive nature and extreme sharpness of the peg teeth presented like that there is a tendency of the saw to grab, bounce out of the cut and spoil your tattoos. The handle made out of the same stock (white oak) 1.75"x.75 as the frame is attached with two biscuits. You could also cut a slot in some square stock to fit over the frame and secured in a shallow channel on both sides. The throat of the saw is 8ins. and it weighs 2lbs. Blade length is 24ins. The weight means that you just have to move it back and forward for it to cut in both directions without the need for downward pressure. Very fast and comfortable in use. No bouncey.

Note the curved shoulder of the mortice and tenon which allows the windlass to tension the blade fully. The tenon has rounded ends.


skholiast said...

I know I am showing my neophytism, but I'm charmed by the phrase "the throat of the saw." I've not heard that before.

ombhurbhuva said...

'throat' usually refers to bandsaw capacity. Here it goes with fire feeder and fire eater.
best wishes,