Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stamp of Approval from An Post

The apparent political unanimity on the same sex marriage referendum, with everyone singing off the one multicoloured hymn sheet is unusual nay uncanny. Even An Post has brought out a stamp with an explicit hurrah for equality. Its designer admits to this but the official line is otherwise:

The stamp’s designer, Oonagh Young, has admitted the inclusion was deliberate on her part. In a social media message she stated: ““I designed the ‘love&marriage’ stamp for An Post, including red equals symbol for marriage equality. Spread the love.”
However, when contacted, a spokesman for An Post insisted that the stamp was designed some time ago and has “no connection with any debate or referendum”, and went on to describe Ms Young’s comment as “poorly worded”.
(Iona Institute statement)

Myles na gCopaleen (Flann O’Brien) would identify this as Taurus Magnificus Hibernis and demand that it be put down and then fed hay. The impertinent use of a semi-state outfit to promote one side of a referendum may fetch up in the courts. Someone took their eye off the bull.

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