Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hindu Mormon Lock

Christian Proselytization
Arvind Sharma seems to take exception to the activity of Christian missionaries in India who attempt to proselytize. It offends some sentiment of parity of esteem because Hindus feel that there are many paths to the same goal. Christians evidently do not share this view. Sharma tries to make out that Christians are not being true to the intuitions of the primitive church re the scope of universality. Though he can find a couple of theologians who have reservations about universality I find that such a swerve from long standing belief and practice to be incredible. What to do? In Ireland we call the sliding bolt on a door a ‘mormon lock’ which allows us to view but not admit those missionaries. My own response is to say that I’m very happy with my religion and wish you all the best and I have no desire to waste your time in empty conversation.

May I recommend the installation of such a ‘device’.

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