Saturday, 31 May 2014

Present Perfect

Lack is a condition that we all know well.  It drives us.  We move towards fulfilment and strive to fill  the little gaps in our perfection.  The early adaptor knows the temporary satisfaction of the cutting edge until it again ;requires honing.  In my 'Dharma' post I offered the idea of the non-apprehension of existence (anupalabadhi) or our distance from the ideal represented by the saint or incarnation as being the engine of righteousness. If not that, what; 'having it all' or at least having more than you, sunshine.

Lackwit, lacksense, lacklustre, lack a lady, on we go singing low. The alternative of having a 'pattern' saint is paradoxical; at once an admission that there is a distance between us and them as well as immediate access. That section of eternity where they preside is also known as the present moment. For a while perfection supervenes.

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