Monday, 21 April 2014

Lane Discipline

I like to read the Crooked Timber blog because I like to know what right thinking people are thinking just in case that I might inadvertently fall into error. Lately John Holbo has
been what my dear mother called ‘ag plubstarail’ (making plopping sounds). Yes, it’s about lane discipline. If you’re going to turn to the right side of history you need to be in the correct lane. Conor F. ( Atlantic)
may be hemmed in by two station wagons full of Catholics, his relations, and thinking that although he disagrees with them on all counts on the S.S.M. question some of them at least may be genuine and ought not to be pers, sorry prosecuted for declining to take photos, bake cakes etc. for gay weddings. Conor wants to win graciously. Holbo on the other hand has so nuanced a position that I found it unclear. Basically, opposition to SSM is like racist bigotry but there are different sorts of racism, hard and soft. All very interesting but ‘very like a whale’.

Here in Ireland we like to keep it simple and stupid: all opposition is homophobia and it’s like the Magdalen Laundries over again.

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