Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Wine of the Malakut

Henry Corbin writing about the Imaginal:
What is it like to enter into Nakoja-abad (the country of not-where). It is precisely the crossing of this limit, where the pilgrim no longer finds himself in the place, but is himself the place. To leave it (to pass beyond the Ninth Sphere) is to no longer be in the world, but to henceforth have the world in oneself, to be oneself the place where the world is. This is the imaginal space, the space where the active imagination freely manifests its visions and its epics.
(from: The Theme of the Voyage and the Messenger)

The great teachers, the sat gurus, can by their power bring the devotee into those places which are no place but a state of consciousness. I have written about this previously
grail cup
and intimated how that state might incorporate elements of forward time or things we were to come across in the ordinary way far into the future. This is the wine of the malakut (wine of the angelic world) which I only read about decades after the dairyman said to me they have theirs, this is for you*. The chalice that he gave me to drink from was a broad stately one and though I was nicely reared not the usual vessel that I supped from. There was an effect which surprised me as I tipped it; the breadth of it caused the milk to rush precipitously to the bourne of my nose. Chalices are for stately sipping. Some elements of physics must be maintained.

*from A Shiite Liturgy of the Grail by Henry Corbin:
We: You have nourished us through your knowledge of the Malakut, now give us to drink our fill of its brew.
Shakyh Abu/l-Khattab: The wine of the Malakut is for you; the wine of the gates of Hell (Balbut) is for others.

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