Monday, 27 May 2013

New Improved Daniel Dennett

Have you noticed or has anybody not noticed the niceification of D.D. In the marketing dept. someone has been coaching him and now there are the newfound principles of charity being promulgated in interviews for his new book. Do you want that new G.P.S. navigation system Dan? Well stop being an elitist snot. Forget about ‘brights’ the tide has turned against atheist schmarters. Scorn and contumely are a turn off.

I miss the old Dan. I liked his ideas about consciousness and if you look at them from a certain angle and squint they have a pan-experiential feel. Being nowhere is a way of being everywhere kind of. Consciousness can’t be separated out because it doesn’t exist as a thing is not quite the same as saying that it doesn’t exist.

Is the new book a Greatest Hits? or Now that’s what I call Philosophy?

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