Sunday, 12 April 2020

Flour Power

The toilet paper wars you will know about but what isn’t observed is the run on flour. People have taken to baking out of the fear of contagion from filthy lucre. There used to be that cynically named Mother’s Pride industrial white sliced pan. It and its like brought people to the shops for their daily fresh bread. Mother’s attempt at soda bread bad as it may be has more ‘hominess’, it wafts as as a fragrance of care. The little boat like crust of hot bread with butter melting on your hand is a memory that actually happened.


john doyle said...

Yeast too is in short supply at the supermarkets. We never had home-baked bread when I was a child; neither to my knowledge did any of my pals. You want hot bread, you stick it in the toaster. Nostalgia for a home life that most never experienced firsthand? A hipster culinary analog to vinyl records? Articles and posts are being written about baking guilt, experienced by people who buy the ingredients but who can't bring themselves to do the work or who try and fail, humiliated by Facebook friends posting photos of their lovely loaves. Tonight I'll be baking focaccia, which I never had as a child but which I've previously turned out with some success.

ombhurbhuva said...

In Ireland that would be buttermilk. The creation of memories that never happened like mutants in Blade Runner.

Your covid calls are prescient. From this distance Trumps advice to the gen pop to wear face masks but 'I won'be wearing one' is an example of his political idiot savantage. 'I am the commander-in-chief, I do do not cower in place. I must face this'. You could not think your way into such a master stroke. Poor 'friendly Joe' Biden and his improbable teeth.

ombhurbhuva said...

I mean replicants of course:
- You're walking along and get a fragrance of bread baking, what comes into your mind?

- Sandwich
- Is that all?
- Ham. What's your problem?)

(ok. I'm not a robot but I could be very advanced model