Friday, 18 January 2019

Swimming for Ireland and the U.S.A.

Liberal intelligentsia are like synchronised swim teams. No one wants to have his arse in the air while the others are going around in circles. Being on message, always on message is important if you want to remain on the team. Larry Donnelly writing in swims on two national teams the Irish and the American: (Boston attorney lecturing in Galway Uni.)

irish journal article

Throughout the piece Larry sprinkles signals to show that his heart is in the right place
"These women and men deserve credit for being well ahead of those we elect – and of most pundits, this one included – in assessing where their fellow citizens were on the topic. “

It struck me, however, that almost no dissenting voices were heard. Without re-litigating the case – which some on the pro-life/anti-abortion side regrettably seem resolved to do.

Larry regrets that abortion laws is not accepted as a done deal like gay marriage. One is real and the other is a parody might be a clue to sentiment on those issues. As an intelligent observer of the political scene Larry knows that abortion will be an election issue. Proportional representation ensures that last seats will be decided on transfers. The not-talking-about second preferences for Peter Casey in the recent presidential election tells me that politicians are nervous about the deep anger lurking in the long grass.

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