Saturday, 23 February 2013

I want to thank

I saw Lincoln recently. D.D. Lewis for an Oscar definitely but the rest of it to this viewer (on a small screen) detached as I am from the piety of the target audience, was dull and I thought tendentious. A movie that attempts to create an interpretation out of scattered hints must be exceeding its brief and is bound to distract from real and accepted achievements. Did Lincoln really hold up peace talks in order to push through the amendment? Was there ever a chance that slavery would be on the books after the Civil War? To me that seems surrealpolitik but I could be completely wrong as I often am.

Django Unchained was rubbish way below Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. Enough genuflecting Tarantino, enough hommage already!

Silver Linings Playbook has an ‘I want to thank my analyst’ speech already written for Robert De Niro. Chris Tucker as the escapee from the Asylum was brilliant too. Rom Com high fructose corn syrup with a dash of organic vinegar.

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