Tuesday, 24 April 2018

EU walkies

If you have a dog you will know that the rattle of the lead in the hall and the magic word walkies makes Fido’s ears shoot up like a Disney cartoon. Fido is a good dog and can on a quiet path be let off his lead and be relied upon to come to heel on your whistle. Ireland is a good dog. Hungary is a bad dog and for its own sake should be kept on a choke chain until it learns manners. So the Irish Times editorial thinks - 23/4/18:

If, as with Greece during the debt and financial crises, orthodoxy can be imposed in budgetary matters, should it not also be imposed when, as in Hungary, fundamental matters of political liberty and democratic standards are at stake? That is the logic of political convergence on values. To demand it be applied here is merely to ask the EU to uphold the political decency it has always claimed to represent.

Though far apart in training Ireland and Hungary have the ministrations of George Soros in common. Soros has got himself involved via his Open Society Foundation in the campaign to repeal the Eight Amendment. It’s his firm purpose to break it and contra to rules governing foreign donations that have to do with Irish politics he has donated €137,000 to Irish Amnesty International who are campaigning for repeal. The story is here in the Irish Times by no means a friend of retention of the Eight.
amnesty challenge
The head of the Amnesty outfit Colm O’Gorman refuses to give the money back. Another repeal group who got a large donation from abroad has returned their money. However government ministers are not shy about appearing with O’Gorman at the launch of Amnesty’s campaign. ‘My enemy’s enemy....’ .

The referendum vote will be on the 25th. of May and no matter what the outcome that will not be the end of the matter. State sponsored abortion is an issue like slavery that can only be resolved when its full horror is realised.

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