Friday, 5 January 2018

Brain Bypass

Is it possible to achieve a brain bypass? In the view of Bergson the brain is the organ of action keeping us focused on the present moment and its main purpose is to exclude all that is not salient. The depressive is like the Rorschach test subject that kept finding sexual themes in the blot patterns.
- My, said the psychiatrist, you have a dirty mind.
- What about you showing me all those dirty pictures?

The depressive finds a note of gloom and fatality in the present moment and all his acts are tainted with it. The point of the cone (Bergson’s image) is like a funnel drawing down the pollution of the past. Can a mind move away from that dismal fixation? In the Jungian way as in Yeats and in Eastern iconography; the possibility exists to move further out on the cone towards the larger considerations of the Anima Mundi. Meditation can bypass the tiresome engrams deep rutted in the brain. Allow the world to ‘fall through’ the archetypal psychic centres of the body known as the chakras. Feel the world via the heart. Link the breath with a positive aspiration.

And a happy New Year.

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