Friday, 10 February 2017

'And the First to Stop Crying Award' goes to David Bromwich

My ‘First to Stop Crying’ award (recall: stop crying
goes to David Bromwich. As a scholar of Edmund Burke and a man who has conned well the ‘sweet ‘n sour’ of the master it will be interesting to discover how the whining puppies, that have been put outside to do their business on a cold day, will take it. I am unlikely to find out what they may paste on him not reading at all in the tweet world whose denizens if they ever rest on the ground of sense are like swifts unable to launch again. His lectures (Sterling Prof. at Yale) if he ever gives any to the gen pop may be turbulent.

cf:LRB essay 'Act One Scene One' by David Bromwich


john doyle said...

Man up: make it "whining pussies."

ombhurbhuva said...

Hey John,
Can't use that, it's taken. A grabber.