Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Knowledge and Awareness

If knowledge is identified with mental ideas of objects, then, in the case of shell-silver and the like, there will be no true cognition or real object. But if knowledge be taken as identical with awareness, then the cause is different. There is no falsity in awareness. For awareness is real and still present at the time of correcting the error, when it takes the form 'Although I was aware of silver, it was in fact shell that was at time misperceived'. Awareness then apprehends the silver and the mental cognition of it as false. The knowledge at the time of the correction was real as awareness; but it does not follow that the silver on which it bore was real too.
(Sri S.S.S. Method of Vedanta


john doyle said...

Off-topic I acknowledge, but:

"BERKELEY, Calif. (Reuters) - In 70 years, most cities in the Northern Hemisphere will be unfit to host the summer Olympics due to rising temperatures associated with climate change, according to The Lancet's findings published this week... “If we project out to the 22nd century, then there are only 4 cities in the world that can host the summer Olympics and that would be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast."

ombhurbhuva said...

By that time active climate manipulation will be employed, dust clouds to dampen the heat, artifical trees to fix carbon dioxide, general moratorium on tropical forest clearing, move away from meat to cultured protein etc,etc. Futurism and Futurology is the cousin of tea leaves. Does anybody want the Olimpics any more? The cheating has switched people off.