Thursday, 19 May 2016


There are many fine aspects to Islam but my wife and I agreed that the main thing that lets them down is polygamy. A relation of hers married a Saudi in London and went to live in Saudi Arabia and had some children with the man. On her birthday, out of the clear blue, she was introduced to the woman that her husband had decided to take for another wife. Fortunately she had retained her passport, had her children’s names on it, and was able to make her way back to Britain with them. She now lives under a different identity in another part of the country. The new wife is a common reason for divorce in Islam. She loses the children of course.

It will be said that polygamy is uncommon and strictly regulated but what does it say about a society and a religion in which it is regarded as a right though one may not require or wish it for oneself. The soul of a person who holds this, the way that person lives his world, is atrophied, restricted, constricted, blunted by that attitude. As it stands the potentiality for a full marital relationship can never be activated.

My favourite wife is no wife.

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