Saturday, 12 March 2016

Circus Animals Dung

Did that play of mine send out
Certain men the English shot?

asked Yeats. Well no, might be the answer to that, it was a frake of their own. Still the general power of words or even great literature to change political reality cannot be doubted even if it is not the grandiose ‘truth to power’ but the steady erosion of the samizdat that makes in the end the tyrant foolish to himself, hollowing out his complacent ideology. Jokes and mockery, satire and pasquinade are more effective than the grand manifesto. Trump in my outsider’s view has a grasp of this with his trademark clown hair. The Les Bendovas and the Flying Lying Scarlattis are silenced by laughter. The attribution of ‘cerebrality’ to him by Carson may be damaging but I sense that the wheels won’t fall off his car and he may yet usurp the top hat and the swallow tail coat.

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