Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sraddha (Faith)

Do miracles even if accepted bring about faith? What has it to do with me if some praeternatural healing takes place? I am glad for the ease of someone’s suffering and in awe at the power that is shown yet my change of heart may be lacking. It is something else and something more that is wanted if one is to become a devotee of the Lord.

That faith of the embodied beings, borne of their own nature, is threefold – born of sattva, rajas and tamas.
(B.G. 17.2)

Sraddha that is svabhavaja Faith that arises out of ones own nature. The seeker has to feel that personal connection, of being recognised and known. It is not a matter of will or rational consideration, recognising that this point is where ones life was heading. Everything was for this. Balancing of evidence and probability is not a game that is played now.

The phrase borne of their own nature indicates an ontological connection as well as the bias of a particular personality.

O scion of the Bharata dynasty, the faith of all beings is in accordance with their minds. This person is made up of faith as the dominant factor. He is verily what his faith is.
(B.G. 17.4)

The way you live your world, your awareness or what pops up for you, or what you realize or make real is you. That’s so you!

There are some nice definitions of sraddha in this Wikipedia article:

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