Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gaza blogging

This gets the Uriah Heep award for squirming humility.
Note how sitting on the fence he denies the reality of the fence qua fence and then jumping off lands on both sides and runs off in all directions.

Others are doing their best even if it falls short. ethics

The last time I discoursed on that topic with Kazez I was disallowed the term 'zionist' as being anti-Semitic. 'First they came for the nouns, then they came for the verbs'. It appears to have gone mainstream now.

The score card that she reproduces from the NY Times might cause the decerebrate to infer equivalence between the shells of the warring sides when we know that the pop-guns of Gaza deliver a mighty flag which says !Bang!.

Siris :just war
contrasts views on proportionality in warfare. Interesting indeed. My take away point - it is excessive to burn the house down to produce roast pork.

Finally there is the blogging on Israel/Palestine by one of the many Israelis that are appalled by their country’s refusal to grant justice and negotiate honestly. It is written by Charles Manekin. He is a professor of Philosophy and Orthodox Jewish Studies. His latest post on Hamas and its demonisation - hamas

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