Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Book of Trinity College,Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is spending €100,000 on rebranding. The crest is being modified to eliminate the closed clasped bible. An open book still gratifying substantial is being substituted. As well the blue and gold of its livery unfortunately associated with 'value’ brands such as Ryanair, Ikea and Maxol is being changed to pale blue. Quintessentially the standard fatuous mixture of marketing , the ahistorical and trendy atheism.

The other book which won’t be leaving Trinity is of course the Book of Kells because it is a nice little earner. Adults €9, €8 Seniors, Family 2+4 €18 Under 12‘s free and school groups free during term. (500,000 visitors per annum) Why is this book not in the National Museum where it could be viewed for nothing by the people of Ireland. It is a National Treasure and should have a National venue. Viewed historically it is part of the loot of the Reformation and therefore the College founded by Good Queen Bess should have it.

N.B.: This is not a Fool’s Day Joke, it is just perpetrated by fools.

New Crest:

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