Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Theo Dorgan waits for King Herod

Theo Dorgan is a man of many parts some of which do not fit together too well. He is of course a poet of the modern sort whose work has that feel and self conscious weight of translations from a minor slavic language delivered with an intense wonder at the power of his own lyrical imagination. He takes his role as an unacknowledged legislator seriously and is apt to pop up anywhere promoting the vision of a re-imagined Ireland very similar to that which any member of the liberal intelligentsia anywhere subscribes to. Call it the spiritual analogue of the standard High Street.

On Irish Radio’s drive time programme he has an occasional 5 minute slot so while you curse the traffic you can be beguiled and bemused. The St.Patrick’s day proposal which I mentioned in my last post was his latest offering and it falls into the category of the inflatable dartboard and waterproof towel, flame resistant incense sticks and so on. Prior to last Christmas he found himself waiting for King Herod. It’s not bad:
waiting for Herod
but then I consider that this is Theo who regularly promotes a vision of Ireland with abortion plumbed in as a state sponsored facility and it seems to me that he is working for Herod just as much as the bankers. Indeed the Herodic rationalisation he proffers of things being better for the other children if the first born is terminated has a familiar ring.

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