Monday, 10 September 2012

Modal Wars

Being a snob I regard most s.f. as science porn. Why would one prefer gruel when there are proper vittles to be had unless of course you have no teeth. I am reading The Bostonians by Henry James at the moment. It's about Planet Boston in the 1870's which is under threat from an asteroid called New York. This is during the First Galactic Woman Question War. Trains run from Boston to New York so that makes it perhaps an example of the sub-genre knows as steam punk.

I see that in America Republicans are trying to humanise Mitt Romney. They feel that he is a changeling. I can now reveal that he has Smiths scrying stone and the white hat and what he sees when he achieves a trance state is buried treasure.
scryingseer stones in Mormonism
Perhaps that trance state is his natural condition? Who is the evil Blonde Woman that always accompanies him? I'm worried.

Really Obama is the Changeling and for him every Tuesday is a Super Tuesday with a real death panel. Slayer of Jihadis, O Great One. Why are they called drones when they are so busy? This is a modal war: a known and proven liar against a probable one.


ktismatics said...

A fantasy TV series can be imagined in which, against all odds, Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, wins the American presidential election and sets off on the long and arduous quest to reclaim the country for the people. Maybe a vote for Stein constitutes an endorsement of this appealing fictional narrative.

ombhurbhuva said...

Given your majoritarian system and what is essentially a 2 party state the true variety of political sentiment will never become a reality. The people that are proposing run off voting (Proportional Representation) have a job. The same system applies in Britain and France (old democracies). I think that in the last election in all of Britain one Green candidate was elected. In Ireland with P.R. 6 Greens were elected and they formed a coalition with a larger party and an incompetent government for which they were all dismissed at the following election.

I’ve always though it odd that the American President can bring in a load of people as ministers/secretaries who have never been elected by anyone for the most part. He could I suppose pick a Green or Jill Stein for an environmental post.